Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Me, Elvira, Paco and Koen - team for the win!

The international team of Mountain Tigers - The Dutch, The Spanish and The Lithuanian went canyoning. For those who may not know this sport, I will quickly explain what it's like. The word comes from canyon hiking, so it's straightforward hiking down the canyon. It requires skills in ropework, technical climbing, down-climbing, jumps and swims. In some cases it is done using navigational, route-finding and other wilderness travel skills.

In canyoning it's highly important that clothing should protect, but not restrict the body. We were wearing wetsuits which are great to maintain the temperature and protect from abrasion. The layer of warm water normally trapped between the suit and the skin provides very little thermal insulation therefore you feel absolutely fine swimming in a cold mountain river.

Koen, Paco and me getting ready for the adventure
At this stage I did not yet know what's about to happen!

It is essential to wear a helmet while canyoning because it might safe your life against rough water, stones and cliffs. Canyoning might be a dangerous sport if done incorrectly. Climbing hardware and sturdy shoes are necessary in this sport. I have to confess, there were moments that I was scared to death while climbing down a waterfall or jumping on slippery stones, but it's been the best experience in Spain so far! Must do it again, next time in Rio Verde, Granada.

This smile is pretty much fake :D

When the escape seems impossible...

We did it !!! 

Bravo for Paternas, dearest instructor Paco, friends Koen and Elvira. More adventures to come! Keep updated!

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