Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Me, Elvira, Paco and Koen - team for the win!

The international team of Mountain Tigers - The Dutch, The Spanish and The Lithuanian went canyoning. For those who may not know this sport, I will quickly explain what it's like. The word comes from canyon hiking, so it's straightforward hiking down the canyon. It requires skills in ropework, technical climbing, down-climbing, jumps and swims. In some cases it is done using navigational, route-finding and other wilderness travel skills.

In canyoning it's highly important that clothing should protect, but not restrict the body. We were wearing wetsuits which are great to maintain the temperature and protect from abrasion. The layer of warm water normally trapped between the suit and the skin provides very little thermal insulation therefore you feel absolutely fine swimming in a cold mountain river.

Koen, Paco and me getting ready for the adventure
At this stage I did not yet know what's about to happen!

It is essential to wear a helmet while canyoning because it might safe your life against rough water, stones and cliffs. Canyoning might be a dangerous sport if done incorrectly. Climbing hardware and sturdy shoes are necessary in this sport. I have to confess, there were moments that I was scared to death while climbing down a waterfall or jumping on slippery stones, but it's been the best experience in Spain so far! Must do it again, next time in Rio Verde, Granada.

This smile is pretty much fake :D

When the escape seems impossible...

We did it !!! 

Bravo for Paternas, dearest instructor Paco, friends Koen and Elvira. More adventures to come! Keep updated!

Friday, October 4, 2013

San Pedro

The ones who have seen the movie 'The Beach' probably will understand what feeling I will am about to describe. Firstly, me, Toni, Malte and Marina went to jump off the cliffs that are taller than most of the buildings here :D. The video to be uploaded soon.

The next thing we did - we went to San Pedro, which, ladies and gentlemen, is a spectacular beach which is very well hidden, so not many people know about it. You can reach it by walking (it takes approximately 30 minutes) or you can go there by boat. Of course we, being very fit young and healthy (all non smokers, non drinkers:D) hit the road! 

As we get closer to San Pedro, signs indicate us where to find the beach
 In the picture bellow you can see the board of rules of San Pedro. It came as bit of a surprise to me once I've read what's written on the lower part of the blue board! It's says 'Senoves ismintis byloja: gerbk gamta ir nesik, kur valgai' in Lithuanian language which means 'Respect the nature and do not poo where you eat'. Lithuanians are everywhere, but really,they are everywhere!!!!
What is even more surprising, on our way to San Pedro, Toni and Malte found a little agenda, which obviously belonged to some Lithuanian person. Most of the records in the agenda are in Russian, but they are really strange, including some Spanish, English words. During dinner that night we investigated this odd book a little bit, but most of the secrets remain unsolved...:)

The rules of San Pedro
Toni investigating the agenda later that night

Friend is always to help when one's foot is hurt
Marina, which I call the Mermaid, because she is!
Finally reached San Pedro
The entrance to San Pedro, a few more minutes and we're there!
San Pedro is a magical place because there's nothing but the sea and mountains. It's quiet, peaceful and very beautiful. Lots of hippies live here on the beach, which is an illegal thing to do, but that's their life. Maybe now you understand why I have mentioned 'The Beach' before, isn't it just like that? People in San Pedro have built lots of  sorts of huts and shacks which would only need a good puff of wind to collapse, they shower in a common place at the entrance of the beach, I am not sure what they eat, but they must go to the 'mainland' sometime to get some food and marihuana to maintain being hippies. I have to say, I was quite fascinated by the minimum of what they have and how they live, I could not do it, but it is always interesting to explore how colourful the world is.

I spotted some solar panels in San Pedro, which probably heats the water during winter.

Could not resist a picture with the locals

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Las Negras

So later that night we went to Malte´s house, who's originally German, but has been living in Spain for a long time. He's a good friend of Toni and lives in Las Negras where he owns a beautiful place called 'Carpe Diem' which people can rent out for holidays. It's a bit like a hotel, a bit like a farmhouse, more of a recreational centre I would say! The atmosphere is so fantastically relaxing! I've only spent 2 days there, but it seemed like I had a lifetime of holidays. Loving this place...BUT the first time I arrived here, it was dark already, so I could not see anything. Imagine the expression on my face when I woke up next morning and walked in his terrace to have my morning cup of coffee. It is absolutely breathtaking, Malte's very happy to have the Meditarranean Sea almost at his door front!

My favourite place in Las Negras :)
I have only spent a few days getting to know Malte but I like 78% sure he might be in the mafia of Las Negras. Don't think I'm crazy there are reasons I think so :D. Malte drives around in his 4x4 like a boss most of the time exceeding the speed limit and saluting the ones he meets on his way. Seemed like he knows most of the people of Las Negras :)). Aside from being in charge of the 'Carpe Diem', Malte also takes care of animals -he's got dogs, donkeys and iguanas. Malte gave me a little tour around his property, which is quite large and I am already looking forward to paying him a visit any time soon!

Malte has donkeys!

Every morning Malte´s iguanas get full breakfast including vegetables and flowers.

My favourite thing about Las Negras is the existance of the pirate radio called 'Antena Negra'. Absolutely no one knows where does it come from, nor who's in charge of it. It plays the most awesome tunes, too bad it does not reach Almería city...:))

La buena vida

One day I went to San José to visit Toni. The plan was to go for a day and come back to Almería at night. Well, things change - I loved it so much, I stayed for 3 days. After we got back, Toni said it´s been the best week of his summer and he could not be more right, because it was absolutely fantastic. Toni has introduced me to his friends Malte, Marina and Noé and we´ve done some fun stuff  that I am going to tell you about in a minute!

Our route to San José 

Playa de los Genoveses
Spectacular views, fantastic water, sunset, drinks, good music and fantastic company is what you need for a great day on the boat.

Look at this crazy girl!
Living the life like it's golden :))
The captain :))

Monday, September 30, 2013

Ready set Spain !!!

              London -Almería
The only contact I had in Almería was this guy Antonio who,as far as I know, is a friend of my brother´s friend Elena, whom he´s met in Oslo 10 years ago or so. Without knowing where I was going, I ended up living in Toni´s house for a week. Must say, Toni is a great guy, who has recently graduated from the university. Toni is super active, he loves the sea and does all the possible sports you can imagine. Moreover, Toni has a house in San José in which garrage he´s restoring an antique bike, which I can't wait to see once it's done. Girls, get in the line! :D

My favourite picture of Toni

      The view from Toni´s house in San José